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Our Story

A witness of inclusion,
our story

MicroEurope was established in February 2022 as a social investment company to promote financial inclusion in Europe by eight microfinance practitioners and three institutional investors, all of whom have extensive experience in inclusive finance, social entrepreneurship and sustainability and share values based on inclusion, cooperation, innovation, knowledge sharing and diversity.

Our story begins with the willingness to be not only investors, but also reliable partners in a long-term journey aimed at making targeted financial intermediaries more inclusive and effective, starting with those that accept the challenge of opening up their governance for support and are willing to put themselves on the line to grow by looking not only at the financial aspects, but also at the social impact of their daily actions.

The motivations of the founders find a point of relapse in the social mission of the company; a mission in which they all recognize themselves, starting with the reasons for joining this enterprise.

Founder and Non-Executive Director

To take concrete steps leading to deeper social impact


Founder and CEO

To promote a people's economy, made by and for people



 Hence my choice to follow this ambitious and challenging path that stimulates to invent and experiment.

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