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Investment Target

We invest in traditional financial service providers with a demonstrated commitment to development impact which lack either adequate financial resources or technical expertise to unlock their full growth potential.

We also invest in innovative fintech companies, believing that newly emerging technologies are key to overcoming traditional barriers to providing micro and small enterprises with needed financing.

Investee Type
  • Microfinance institutions

  • Non-bank financial institutions

  • Leasing companies

  • Factoring companies

  • Digital payment companies

  • Digital marketplace companies

  • High-impact consumer finance companies (education, healthcare, housing)

  • Other technologies that can help broaden the access to financial services and reduce transaction costs

Impact Themes
  • Financial inclusion

  • Economic development

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Development Stage
  • Start-up

  • Growth 

  • Mature

Maximum Asset Size
  • EUR 50 million (Indicative)

  • Europe

  • Balkans

  • Caucasus

  • Compliant or willing to comply with MicroEurope’s ESG Standards 

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