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Investment Strategy

We address the shortage of flexible capital solutions and know-how available for targeted financial intermediaries, filling a market gap left by traditional investors.

We offer bespoke equity and debt instruments and we are actively involved in the management of our portfolio companies, taking a hands-on approach and a long-term view of value creation.

Graphic-Target MicroEurope
Recognizing the differences in the type of institution and the country of operation, we add value by seizing opportunities for social and financial improvement on a case-by-case basis, drawing on existing role models operating in the different geographies and the prior professional experience of our promoters. 
The core of our Value Creation Strategy is to build long-term relationships with portfolio companies and to take co-responsibility by:


Actively participating in the governance and management of our partners, aligning interests to create strong and longstanding relationships and modernising their governance structures


Leveraging on our extensive network of impact-oriented equity and debt investors to co-invest and attract additional debt fundings for our investees, offering support in defining international expansion strategy.


Providing operational expertise to our portfolio companies through technical assistance and capacity building instruments in various areas.


Enhancing the ESG risk management capacity of our partners and supporting the formulation and implementation of their impact strategies as well as ESG and impact monitoring and reporting.


Strengthening their management information systems through the professionalisation and modernisation of internal processes.


Developing and improving inclusive finance product offerings, designing customized value creation plans and working diligently with portfolio companies to achieve business plan objectives.
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